In 2025, the Faculty of Medicine at Jember University is poised to reach the pinnacle of its achievements by becoming the leading agromedical center in Southeast Asia. Agromedicine, as a branch of applied medical science, primarily focuses on understanding and addressing various health issues related to agricultural activities in the broadest sense, along with their environmental impacts. FK UNEJ has set an exemplary standard in various aspects of agromedicine by demonstrating its commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of farmers, their families, and users of agricultural products.

Agromedicine encompasses several vital aspects, including promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. FK UNEJ not only concentrates on diagnosing and treating diseases associated with agriculture but also emphasizes disease prevention and endeavors to enhance the overall health quality of agricultural communities. This comprehensive approach involves various scientific disciplines, such as biology, physics, chemistry, and socio-cultural factors that influence health within an agricultural context.

The scope of agromedicine at FK UNEJ extends across various agricultural sectors, encompassing agriculture, plantations, animal husbandry, forestry, and fisheries. With the continuous development and deeper understanding of the impact of agriculture on health, FK UNEJ has evolved into an innovative research center that bridges the gap between medical and agricultural sciences. This collaborative effort is aimed at improving the quality of agricultural products and the welfare of farmers.

FK UNEJ has also nurtured experts in the agromedical field who not only contribute to scientific research but also to education and community service. Students at FK UNEJ receive high-quality education in the field of agromedicine and are well-prepared to confront the complex challenges in the ever-evolving realm of agriculture. Additionally, through community service programs, FK UNEJ actively engages in providing health solutions to farmers and the surrounding communities.

The achievements of FK UNEJ as an agromedical center in Southeast Asia mirror its unwavering commitment to addressing global challenges related to agriculture and health. With the continuous advancement of agromedical science, FK UNEJ has made a substantial and positive impact on the well-being of farmers, their families, and the broader community. It has also played a pivotal role in maintaining food security and promoting health in the Southeast Asia region.