The collaboration between FK UNEJ and several network and satellite hospitals, including RSD dr. Soebandi Jember, RSU. Dr. H. Koesnadi Bondowoso, RSUD. Dr. Haryoto Lumajang, RSD. Balung, and RSU., represents a highly significant advancement in the development of medical education and healthcare services in the region. This type of partnership delivers substantial advantages to medical students, healthcare professionals, and society at large.

First and foremost, this collaboration provides FK UNEJ medical students with invaluable practical experience within a genuine hospital environment. They have the opportunity to observe and actively participate in various medical tasks, refine their clinical skills, and gain insight into the practical aspects of medical practice. Additionally, students can appreciate the distinctions in healthcare services between network and satellite hospitals, which is essential in fostering a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare system.

Furthermore, this collaboration benefits network and satellite hospitals by enabling them to leverage the knowledge and expertise of FK UNEJ students and faculty members to enhance the quality of their medical services. This establishes a mutually advantageous environment where the exchange of medical knowledge and experience can take place continuously. Additionally, this form of collaboration can bolster the human resources within these hospitals, equipping them to address the complex challenges in the healthcare field effectively.

In summary, the collaboration between FK UNEJ and network and satellite hospitals represents a crucial step in aligning medical education with real-world healthcare practice. This contributes to the cultivation of better-prepared and better-trained medical professionals while enhancing the healthcare system for the benefit of the region’s residents who receive medical care.