Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Jember

Thank you for visiting the official website of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember (FK UNEJ). This website has become an integral part of the educational experience, offering a wealth of information about our educational programs. We hope this website serves as a warm and welcoming introduction to our institution before you delve deeper into our faculty.

The Faculty of Medicine UNEJ is driven by a vision to excel as an educational institution in the field of agromedicine in Southeast Asia by 2025. In 2016, FK UNEJ received accreditation from the Independent Accreditation Institute for Health Universities (Lam PT-Kes) with an A accreditation for medical education study programs and medical professional study programs. In 2022, FK UNEJ once again achieved accreditation with the prestigious Superior Predicate. We would greatly appreciate any suggestions or feedback you may have regarding our website and our institution. Our aim is to continue providing a safe, healthy, and happy environment for all.

Lastly, I extend my gratitude to the entire academic community for their unwavering support in every achievement the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember, has accomplished to date.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine