To become an excellent educational institution in the field of Agromedicine in Southeast Asia by 2025.


  • To conduct and develop high-quality academic and professional education with an entrepreneurial perspective and international recognition.
  • To promote and advance science, technology, and the arts through creative, innovative, and high-value learning, research, and community service within the context of Agromedicine development.
  • To establish a transparent and accountable faculty management system.
    To build collaborative networks with stakeholders to enhance institutional capacity and capabilities.


  • To produce intellectually competent and competitive graduates within the Southeast Asian region.
    To generate outstanding works in science, technology, and the arts that hold economic value, prioritize environmental sustainability, respect local wisdom, and contribute to Southeast Asian society.
    To instill a strong work culture by reinforcing the implementation of an accountable, effective, and efficient quality management system based on information and communication technology (ICT).
    To position FK Unej as a leader in Southeast Asia and a prominent presence in the Asian region.