Jember University Library traces its origins back to the end of 1961, coinciding with the opening of Tawang Alun University library. It’s worth noting that Jember University itself originated from a private university known as Tawang Alun University, established on November 4, 1957.

During its initial establishment, the library occupied a modest 20 m2 room, housing a collection of 200 copies, and was managed by two dedicated officers. Some of the collections during this period were contributed by several lecturers, received as gifts from government agencies, private or foreign institutions, and through grant assistance.

In 1974, the library relocated to a new building spanning 68 m2, situated on Jalan Puntadewa north of PKM (Student Activity Center). It now boasted a total collection of 15,000 copies, efficiently managed by six officers. A decade later, in 1984, the library moved again to a larger 200 m2 building, with a collection of 29,000 copies and a staff of 20 officers.

In 1986, UNEJ constructed a new three-story building designated for the library. This building, occupying an area of 7,448.72 m2, has become the present home of UPT UNEJ Library. Currently, the library building covers an area of 3,022 m2, while the remainder serves as lecture rooms and administrative spaces for the information systems study program.

To enhance its quality in a sustainable, relevant, and efficient manner, the University of Jember Library recognized the need for well-managed library facilities. Over the past eight years, substantial efforts have been made to develop and implement a library automation system to meet the evolving needs of library management. Through various management and cooperation programs, the University of Jember Library has received recognition as a library effectively utilizing information and technology. This is exemplified by the attainment of the prestigious TPSDP grant for the 2004-2007 period, which aimed to improve management and provide IT facilities.

On November 6, 2009, UPT Library Universitas Jember achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, signifying its adherence to quality management system requirements. This accomplishment followed a year of preparation, including the creation of quality documents and rigorous internal and external audits by the UNEJ Quality Assurance Agency (LPM) and MALCA-KAN (National Accreditation Committee). UPT UNEJ Library’s quality management system was developed in alignment with ISO 9001:2008 standards. The scope implemented for certification includes book processing and circulation services, with the establishment of standard operating procedures complemented by work instructions and essential forms.

It is important to note that ISO certification is not the ultimate objective but rather a step in achieving standardized service quality, ultimately geared towards satisfying the users’ needs.

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