The Faculty Quality Assurance Group (GPM) is a body or committee responsible for ensuring and supervising the quality of education and academic programs organized by a faculty at a college or university. The main aim of GPM is to maintain and improve the quality standards of education, research and community service at the faculty level.

Legal Basis
  • PP. No. 19 Th 2005 SNP
    Article 91:
    Every educational unit in formal and non-formal channels is obliged to guarantee the quality of education.
    Education quality assurance as referred to in paragraph (1) aims to meet or exceed the SNP.
    Education quality assurance as referred to in paragraph (1) is carried out in stages, systematically and planned in a quality assurance program that has clear targets and time frames.

    Law no. 12 of 2012
    article 1
    (18) National Higher Education Standards are standard units that include national education standards, plus research standards and community service standards.
    Article 53
    The Higher Education quality assurance system as intended in Article 51 paragraph (2) consists of:
    a. internal quality assurance system developed by the University; And
    b. external quality assurance system carried out through accreditation.

    Maintaining and improving the quality of higher education in a sustainable manner (continuous improvement), which is carried out by a university internally to realize its vision and mission, as well as meeting the needs of stakeholders through implementing the Tridharma of Higher Education

    1. Chairman
    2. Secretary
    3. Head of SMM Division (scope: Education, Research & Community Service, Administrative Services)
    4. Head of Monev/Audit & Accreditation Division
    5. Administrative Staff

    Work units can streamline the organizational structure, the main thing is that functionally they can run well

Main Duties & Functions
    • Collaborate with the Faculty leadership to plan and create documents for the internal quality assurance system (SPMI).
    • Assist the Quality Assurance Unit (UPM), Study Programs (Prodi), and faculties in the compilation of SPMI documents.
    • Promote, monitor, and evaluate the quality assurance system at the Faculty level.
      Implement the Faculty-level quality assurance system.
    • Conduct a semester-wise compilation of evaluation results for lecturer teaching tools at the Faculty level.
    • Conduct an evaluation of the Study Program Curriculum at least once every 4 years.
    • Compile results and create Course Portfolios at the Faculty level in collaboration with UPM. The Course Portfolio, prepared by the lecturers, should include Planned Final Ability (KAD) alignment, Course Learning Achievements (CPMK), Graduate Learning Achievements (CPL), study materials, literature, assessments, and student grades.
    • Collect, evaluate, and document student final assignment results, including title selection, supervisor and examiner assignments, implementation, plagiarism checks, manuscript writing, and journal publication at the Faculty level.
    • Compile results from Student Questionnaires on Learning Management Media/Sister at the Faculty level.
    • Develop action plans based on evaluation results and recommendations for continuous improvement within the Faculty.
Additional Tasks
  • Conducting Faculty self-evaluation (LED UPPS) in collaboration with Faculty leadership.
  • Performing Faculty LAKIP evaluations.
  • Conducting Faculty BKD evaluations.
  • Carrying out a risk analysis evaluation of the Faculty TOR.
  • Providing support for the enhancement and development of institutional governance through coaching at the Faculty level.
  • Assisting in the preparation of study programs for national and international excellence.
  • Evaluating stakeholder satisfaction and proposing follow-up plans and Faculty work programs.
Legal Document
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Personnel Profile


dr. Elly Nurus Sakinah,

NIP. 198409162008122003


Dr. dr. Hairrudin,

NIP. 197510112003121008


Dr. dr. Nugraha Wahyu C,

NIP. 196803281999031001

ayu munawaroh

dr. Ayu Munawaroh Aziz,

NIP. 198903132014042002


dr. Arsyzilma Hakiim,

NIP. 198908162019032025


dr. Elvia Rahmi Marga P,

NIP. 199411022019032018