arah evakuasi

Evacuation instructions at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember (FK UNEJ) have been meticulously and comprehensively planned to reduce risks and prioritize the safety of all individuals within the building complex. As an educational and research center, FK UNEJ recognizes the critical importance of being prepared to respond to unexpected emergency situations. Therefore, each step in the evacuation instructions has been carefully considered and implemented in accordance with the highest safety standards.

FK UNEJ’s evacuation instructions encompass the identification of evacuation points, safe routes, and gathering places outside the building to ensure that everyone can evacuate quickly and safely. Furthermore, these guidelines place particular emphasis on accommodating individuals with disabilities, ensuring that they have appropriate access and the necessary support during evacuations. Through meticulous planning and a strong awareness of potential risks, FK UNEJ maintains its unwavering commitment to prioritizing the safety of its community in every emergency situation.