Agromedicine Development

Organizational Structure

dr.  Supangat, M.Kes., Ph.D., Sp.BA.

dr. Al Munawir, M.Kes., Ph.D.

Division Agrosafe
dr. Dr. dr. Aris Prasetyo, M.Kes.
dr. Jauhar Firdaus, M.Biotek.

Division Fit Farmer
dr. Arsyzilma Hakiim
dr. Ida Sri Surani, M.Kes.

Division Mobile Agromedicine
dr. Adelia Handoko, M.Si.
Dr. dr. Nugraha Wahyu Cahyana, Sp.M.
dr. Angga Mardro Raharjo, Sp.P.

Division Agrodoctor
Dr. dr. Hairrudin, M.Kes.
dr. Erfan Efendi, Sp.An.

Division Psiko Agromedicine
dr. Inke Kusumastuti, M.Biomed., Sp.KJ.
dr. Lakmi Indreswari, Sp.B.

Division Agrobust
Dr.rer.biol.hum. dr. Erma Sulistyaningsih, M.Si.
dr. Ayu Munawaroh Aziz, M.Biomed
dr. Dwita Aryadina Rachmawati, M.Kes.

Division Agromedicine Emergency Unit
dr. Septa Surya Wahyudi, Sp.U.
dr. Rosita Dewi, M.Biotek.
dr. Pipiet Wulandari, Sp.JP.


The Agromedical Development Commission is a commission that focuses and is responsible for the field of Agromedical application of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember in the community.

  • Coordinate with all divisions under it to carry out agromedical-oriented activities according to their respective goals;
  • Fostering cooperation with various parties to strengthen the agromedical vision of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember.


This division focuses on food safety for both producers and consumers who use Agro-industrial products.

  • Conducting health promotion related to food safety;
    Certifying free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals on products and processed products of Agro-industrial products.

Fit Farmer

This division focuses on modifying farmers’ lifestyles towards a healthy lifestyle in various ways.

  • Evaluating the lifestyle of agroindustry workers;
  • Develop healthy lifestyle programs such as exercise programs, agromedical gymnastics, and PHBS;
  • Promoting water drinking programs, in the hope that farmers prefer to consume water instead of energy drinks, coffee or something else;
  • Conducting health promotion on the importance of dietary balance for farmers.

Mobile Agromedicine

Mobile Agromedicine Division is a “running” health service whose targets are workers, working families, and consumers from the agro-industrial sector who have difficulty reaching nearby health facilities.

  • Run a health screening program;
    Conducting health consultation programs;
    Conducting treatment programs for the agroindustry community.

Psiko Agromedicine

This division focuses on the mental/psychic health of the agro-industrial community.

  • Providing mental health counseling and consultation services;
  • Conducting mental health-related health promotion activities for the agro-industry community.

This division focuses on promotive and preventive activities to improve the health status of farmers.

  • Conducting health counseling and workshops to farmers;
  • Promoting PPE programs. for farmers;
  • Making recommendations for stakeholders on agromedical-related health issues in their region.

Agromedicine Emergency Unit

This division is an agromedical emergency division that is ready to launch to the site of an agromedical disaster/accident.

  • ncouraging the acceleration of grant achievements and outputs (publication of articles, books, IPR etc.) research and community service, especially those that support the vision and mission of the Faculty;
  • Develop SOPs related to scientific activities and organize scientific activities.