Anatomy Laboratory

Organizational Structure

dr. Septa Surya Wahyudi, Sp.U.

Dr. dr. M. Ihwan Narwanto, M.Sc.
dr. Muhammad Hasan, M.Kes., Sp.OT.
dr. Ulfa Elfiah, M.Kes., Sp.BP-RE(K).
dr. Laksmi Indreswari, Sp.B.
dr. Dion K Dharmawan, M.Si.

Pranata Laboratory

Ahmad Kodri Riyandoko, A.Md.Kep.


Anatomy is one of the foundations of medical science that studies about the morphological structure of these living organisms studies various parts, their positions, as well as interrelationships with each other. Students are introduced directly to parts of the human body in general and per system such as cardiovascular, respiration, gastrointestinal track, reproduction, nerves and many others.