Higher education as one of the main institutions in creating knowledge and technology innovations is the key to the development of the nation’s competitiveness. Through the tridharma mission, universities are mandated to develop independent, superior, creative, and innovative human resources, while developing and creating new knowledge and technology that can benefit the wider community.
Jember University, which is heading towards a Research University in the development of science and technology, is also inseparable from the demands for change. Thus, innovation and creative ideas are needed, improving facilities and the quality of human resources, adequate laboratories in accordance with the developments and demands of the times that will be more useful and effective. The pattern of research development is based on the direction of institutional research development that purses the institution’s leading research, supported by the potential of interdisciplinary research resources with its capacity based on the flow of research development and innovation is one of the efforts to produce useful technology.
Making a center for the development of science and technology is one of the strategic plans for the University of Jember to be able to coordinate strategic research in an interdisciplinary and potential for the development of science and technology that is centralistic and integrated at the Jember University level. So the University of Jember needs to develop a science and technology development center called the Center for Development of Advanced Science and Technology (CDAST).


To become a center for the development of superior science and technology of international standard that is environmentally and agro-industrial in insight and is able to play an active role in nation building through the process of research, education and community service.


1. Carry out research in the field of advanced science and technology to support UNEJ as a research-based university (Research University).
2. Improving the ability and quality of professional and characterful researchers (HR) through research and education.
3. Providing joint-use facilities between units within universities and other institutions.
4. Providing services for research and development of advanced science and technology as well as related fields of study to be able to provide solutions to solve problems that exist in society.
5. Collaborating on the development of science and technology with related institutions at the national and international levels, as well as with strata 2 and 3 study programs (Masters and Doctoral) within the University of Jember.

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Center for Development of advanced Science and Technology
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