Experimental Animal Laboratory

Organizational Structure

Dr. dr. M. Ihwan Narwanto, M.Sc.

dr. Elly Nurus Sakinah, M.Si.
dr. K. Dian Sofiana, M.Biomed.
dr. Eny Nurmaida.


Lilik Maslian, A.Md.
Ahmad Kodri Riyandoko, A.Md.Kep.


The Experimental Animal House is a facility provided by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember to conduct research that utilizes experimental animals as research subjects. In addition, the experimental animal house also has the task of providing recommendations for licensing, scheduling use, animal handling training, monitoring the evaluation of SOP implementation, and inventory of available infrastructure.

  • Medical Student Research Place/ health cluster;
  • Research Place of FK Unej Lecturers / other agencies;
  • Animal Handling Course.
  • Certificate of Research Ethics (Research Ethics Commission)
  • Research Timeline (Researcher)
  • CHAPTER III – Research Methodology (Researcher)
  • Laboratory Use Permit from the Faculty (Academic)
  • Recommendations of the Covid-19 Task Force (Faculty Covid-19 Task Force)
  • Certificate of Trial Animal Training (Trial Animal House Division))

Each prospective user must complete the above file before conducting research by utilizing a trial animal house. After all files can be completed in hardcopy form, you can hand them over to the administrative officer.

Furthermore, the officer will verify the completeness of the file submitted, the process of issuing a permit to use the experimental animal house takes 2 x 24 hours.

The permit will be sent in the form of a softfile which the user can then print to show to the officer when he will first use the experimental animal house.

Output: Participants were able to handle animals trying rats and mice in the study

1. Anatomy, physiology of mice and mice
2. Treatment of rodent
3. Principles of Laboratory animal rearing

1. Dr. dr. M. Ihwan Narwanto, M.Sc.
2. dr. Elly Nurus Sakinah, M.Si.
3. dr. Dian K Sofiana, M.Biomed.

Day : Friday
Date : March 03, 2023
Time : 08:00 WIB – end
Venue : Auditorium and Lab. Pharmacology

1. Training materials
2. e-Certificate
3. Practicum

This training must be attended by students who will conduct research using rats and mice. Registration for training participants closes on March 2, 2023 or if the participant quota has been met by 50 people.

Registration : Click here