Building A: Hippocrates

The Hippocrates Building is situated at the front of the Faculty of Medicine, Jember University, serving as the administrative hub of the faculty. Within this building, the academic community can conduct various administrative tasks, including the submission of active study certificates, requests for study leave permissions, room reservations for activities, procurement of consumable materials for learning, employee leave applications, and many others. The dean’s building encompasses several rooms, including the faculty leadership room, administrative coordinator room, academic, student, and alumni rooms, finance and personnel room, a general room, and BMN facilities.

Building B: Avicena

The Avicena Building is located to the east of the dean’s building and functions as an integrated laboratory owned by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember. Within this laboratory, students can engage in various activities aimed at developing process skills, spanning cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains. Additionally, it serves as a platform for enhancing the skills and expertise of researchers in utilizing the available laboratory equipment. The Biomedical Building houses several laboratories, including the anatomy laboratory, microbiology laboratory, clinical pathology laboratory, anatomical pathology laboratory, histology laboratory, biochemistry laboratory, parasitology laboratory, physiology laboratory, and a test animal house situated to the east of the building.

Building C: Galenus

The Gelenus Building is situated to the north of the dean’s building and serves as the central facility for conducting basic clinical skills practicum activities for students. These clinical skills activities aim to enhance students’ abilities to perform clinical procedures related to health issues while adhering to principles such as patient safety, self-safety, and safety of others. These activities are supported by key pillars, including information management, the scientific foundations of medical science, clinical skills, and health problem management. The clinical skills building comprises an accreditation room, a meeting room, a reading room, and a clinical skills station comprising 24 rooms.

Building D: Cordis

The Cordis Building (Core of Every Discussion) serves as the focal point for the teaching and learning process of Jember University medical faculty students. In addition to laboratory practicums, the teaching and learning process at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember, includes lectures and tutorials. Tutorials are group learning sessions involving 10-15 students and are guided by tutors who serve as facilitators. During discussions, students address health problems presented in the form of module scenarios as discussion triggers. The student center building encompasses several rooms, including an agromedical museum room, a gym, an agromedical cafe, an international class, 24 tutorial rooms, 3 large lecture class rooms, and an agromedicine hall.