The lecturers at Jember University Faculty of Medicine (UNEJ) possess a wide range of expertise in the field of medicine. FK UNEJ’s lecturers are experts in various medical disciplines, spanning from fundamental sciences like anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry to advanced specialties such as surgery, cardiology, and neurology. They have extensive practical experience in patient care, both within hospitals and in community health care centers. Furthermore, many of them actively participate in scientific research and the development of medical technology, significantly contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge and healthcare services in the region.

FK UNEJ’s lecturers are dedicated to producing high-quality physicians capable of delivering excellent healthcare to the community. They are actively engaged in teaching and mentoring medical students, integrating their practical experience with theoretical knowledge to assist aspiring doctors in developing robust clinical and ethical skills. Additionally, these lecturers play a crucial role in community service initiatives, including preventive health programs and health education for local communities. With this diverse range of expertise, FK UNEJ’s lecturers demonstrate their commitment to transforming their faculty into a medical education institution focused on service and the advancement of medical science.