Campus Area Entry Rules

Within the Faculty of Medicine at Jember University, regulations governing the entry of vehicles into the campus area are enforced. In alignment with our safety policy, any guest wishing to access FK UNEJ is required to report their arrival to the security or parking officer stationed at the entrance gate. Additionally, motorcyclists are kindly requested to remove their helmets, while drivers of cars are asked to roll down their windows as a precautionary safety measure. These measures are in place to ensure the identification and security of each individual entering the campus area and to establish a safe and controlled environment. Furthermore, all motorized vehicles are expected to present their Vehicle Registration Certificates (STNK) upon request by security officers for additional verification.

These regulations are instituted with the primary goal of upholding security and providing comfort to all members and guests who visit FK UNEJ. Through the cooperation and awareness of all parties involved, we can sustain a secure campus environment, allowing for the seamless conduct of academic and administrative activities. We kindly request that our guests comply with these regulations, as it demonstrates your support for the safety policies implemented by the university for the collective benefit of all.

Best regards,

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Utility Interference

We are writing to inform the entire academic community about upcoming changes in our campus environment. Two significant projects are set to commence in the near future, which will have a positive impact on our faculty but will also affect certain facilities and areas on campus.

Sewerage Construction:
As a vital step to safeguard the campus environment and enhance our infrastructure, we will initiate a project to install more efficient sewer lines. This project aims to reduce the risk of flooding and preserve the overall quality of the environment surrounding FK UNEJ.

Biomedical Laboratory Construction:
In our ongoing efforts to elevate the quality of education and research at FK UNEJ, we will commence the construction of a modern and fully-equipped biomedical laboratory. This laboratory will serve as a valuable asset for both students and faculty in their research and scientific endeavors at FK UNEJ.

However, we want to inform you that as a result of this project, the current parking area near the faculty will be temporarily relocated to the rear parking area. We understand that this may cause some inconvenience, and we will make every effort to provide a suitable alternative.

We will continuously update you on the progress of these projects and hope that they will bring substantial benefits to FK UNEJ. We sincerely thank you for your attention and cooperation in supporting these changes for the advancement of our faculty.

Warm regards,