Medical Education

Organizational Structure

dr. Cholis Abrori, M.Kes., M.Pd.Ked.

dr. Dini Agustina, M.Biomed.


dr. Muhammad Afiful Jauhani, M.H., Sp.FM.
dr. Ika Rahmawati Sutejo, M.Biotech.
dr. Irawan Fajar Kusuma, M.Sc., Sp.PD.
Asnan, S.H.


The Medical Education Commission plays a role in curriculum management, including assessment management, human resource development, and learning support facilities and infrastructure.

  • Develop the Faculty curriculum;
  • Prepare the Faculty curriculum design and implementation of curriculum development according to needs;
  • Develop teaching learning;
  • Designing teaching implementation strategies in accordance with curriculum implementation;
  • Developing human resources;
  • Designing the needs and improving the ability of teaching staff in medical education;
  • Assisting in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of education.