Our Facility

Dean’s Building
The Dean’s Building is located in front of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Jember, this building is the administrative center of the faculty. The academic community can carry out all administrative activities in this building such as submitting a certificate of active study, a permit for college leave, borrowing a room for activities, requesting consumables for learning activities, applying for leave for employees and many others.
The dean’s building consists of several spaces including; faculty leadership room, administrative coordinator room, academic, student and alumni room, finance and staffing room, general room and BMN.

Biomedical Building
The Biomedical Building is located on the east side of the dean’s building, this building is an integrated laboratory owned by the faculty of medicine, University of Jember. In this laboratory, students can improve various activities centered on developing process skills, both processes in the cognitive, affective, psychomotor realms, and improve the skills and expertise of researchers in using the equipment available in the laboratory.
The Biomedical Building consists of several laboratories, including; Anatomy Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Clinical Pathology Laboratory, Anatomical Pathology Laboratory, Histology Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Parasitology Laboratory, Physiology Laboratory and Physiology Laboratory, there is also a trial animal house located in the east of this building.

Clinic Skills Building
The clinical skills building is located to the north of the dean’s building, this building is the center for the implementation of basic clinical skills practicum activities for students. Clinical skills activities aim to improve the ability of learners to perform clinical procedures related to health problems by applying the principles: Patient safety, self-safety, safety of others. Supported by pillars: information management, scientific foundation of medical science, clinical skills and management of health problems.
The clinic skills building consists of an accreditation room, meeting room, reading room and a clinical skills station consisting of 24 rooms.

Student center building
The student center building is the center for the implementation of the teaching and learning process of students of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember. The teaching and learning process at the faculty of medicine, University of Jember, apart from consisting of practicum in the laboratory, there are also lectures and tutorials. Tutorials are group learning consisting of 10-15 students and guided by tutors who serve as facilitators. In the discussion, students will be faced with health problems that arise in the form of module scenarios as triggers in the discussion.
The student center building consists of several rooms including; Agromedical museum room, gym room, agromedical café, international class, 24 tutorial rooms, 3 large classroom lecture halls and agromedicine hall.