Parasitology Laboratory

Organizational Structure

dr. Yudha Nurdian, M.Kes.

Dr.rer.biol.hum. Erma S, M.Si.
Dr. dr. Yunita Armiyanti, M.Kes.
Dr. dr. Wiwien Sugih Utami, M.Sc.
dr. Bagus Hermansyah, M.Biomed.

Pranata Laboratory

Liliek Susilowati, A.Md.


Parasitology is a branch of biology that studies all parasitic organisms. But with the advancement of science, parasitology is now limited to studying parasitic organisms that are classified as parasitic animals, including: protozoa, helminthes, arthropods and parasitic insecta, both zoonotic and anthroponosis. The scope of parasitology includes taxonomy, morphology, the life cycle of each parasite, as well as the pathology and epidemiology of the diseases it causes.