Pathology Clinic Laboratory

Organizational Structure

Dr. dr. Rini Riyanti, Sp.PK.

dr. Muh. Afiful Jauhani, M.Hum., Sp.FM.
dr. Pulong Wijang Pralampita, Ph.D.
dr. Elvia Rahmi Marga Putri

Pranata Laboratory

Sony Kristanti Ningrum, A.Md.


Clinical pathology is a part of clinical medicine that participates in studying diagnostic and therapeutic problems, participating in researching the form and course of disease in a sufferer or material derived from a sufferer. For this reason, clinical pathology is a morphological, microscopic, chemical, microbiological, serological, hematological, immunological, parasitological examination, and other laboratory examinations. Clinical pathology is a branch of the science of pathology, different from other branches of pathology, namely anatomical pathology, which studies the anatomy of infected tissues.