Public Health Laboratory

Organizational Structure

dr. Dwita Aryadina Rachmawati, M.Kes.

dr. Ancah Caesarina Novi M, Ph.D.
dr. Ida Sri Surani Wiji Astuti, M.Kes.
dr. Angga Mardro Raharjo, Sp.P.
dr. Irawan Fajar Kusuma, M.Sc., Sp.PD.
dr. Yohanes Sudarmanto, M.Med.Ed.
dr. Arsyzilma Hakiim
dr. Eny Nurmaida


Public Health Sciences is a field of science that studies the prevention and treatment of diseases in individuals. This field of science also aims to maintain and promote social health by studying the relationship between humans and the environment and methods of disease prevention, health in an area, and health in the work environment. In the Public Health Study Program, students will also learn about nutrition science, health management and administration, and the process of health counseling in the community.