Agromedicine – FK UNEJ remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the quality of education and human resource development within the healthcare sector. One of the concrete steps taken is the establishment of networks and close collaborations with various hospitals, both at the national and international levels. This initiative aims to provide broader learning and research opportunities for students and medical professionals involved.

In recent years, FK UNEJ has successfully forged partnerships with several prominent national hospitals. These collaborations encompass a wide range of areas, including knowledge exchange and joint research ventures. FK UNEJ students are granted a unique opportunity to participate in professional programs at these hospitals, enabling them to gain firsthand experience in the field of medical practice, encounter various cases. Furthermore, in addition to national partnerships, FK UNEJ is actively engaging with international hospitals.

In response to the era of globalization, FK UNEJ is further bolstering its international presence by actively seeking collaborations with universities and hospitals across the globe. Student exchange programs, international seminars, and research collaborations constitute integral parts of this endeavor. Following FK UNEJ’s successful accreditation by ASIIN International, scheduled for August – September 2023, the University of Jember will collaborate with a hospital in Germany, hold a cooperation meeting with the Association of Indonesian Medical Faculties, and partner with a medical faculty in the Netherlands. In the coming weeks, collaborations with hospitals in Ngawi, East Java, are also in the pipeline.

Beyond establishing hospital partnerships, FK UNEJ is equally dedicated to enhancing the quality of teaching and laboratory facilities on its campus. All these efforts are geared towards nurturing a generation of medical professionals who are exceptionally skilled, competent, and prepared to excel on the global stage.

Through closer collaboration with national and international hospitals, FK UNEJ aspires to be a catalyst for positive transformation in the fields of medicine and healthcare, both at the national and international levels. This partnership is expected to yield substantial benefits in terms of enhancing the quality of healthcare services and advancing medical science in the future.

Author: AKR