Agromedicine – The Faculty of Medicine continues to strive for informativeness and actively supports transparency and accountability. One concrete step in this effort is our participation in the PPID (Information and Documentation Management Officer) workshop organized by the University of Jember on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

The PPID workshop attended by FK UNEJ is part of an initiative carried out by the university to enhance information services to the community. During this workshop, FK UNEJ had the opportunity to grasp the regulations related to information and documentation management applicable in the university environment. This understanding is of utmost importance considering that FK UNEJ plays a strategic role in the provision of education and healthcare services.

In addition to comprehending the regulations, workshop participants were also encouraged to engage in discussions and gain insights into managing information and documentation within the faculty’s setting. FK UNEJ’s participation in this PPID workshop also serves as a tangible expression of the faculty’s commitment to supporting Jember University’s vision and mission. In this context, FK UNEJ aspires to actively contribute to the development of a culture of transparency and accountability within the campus environment. Furthermore, the faculty hopes to make a positive impact by enhancing information services for all stakeholders, especially students and the general public.

This PPID workshop activity offers an opportunity for FK UNEJ to identify potential improvements in information and documentation management within the faculty. By attending this workshop, FK UNEJ can evaluate current practices and explore ways to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.

We anticipate that FK UNEJ’s active participation in this PPID workshop activity will mark the first positive step in the faculty’s journey toward becoming a more transparent and informative institution. Armed with the knowledge and experience gained from this workshop, FK UNEJ is poised to better provide the necessary information for all members of its academic community and the general public.

Author: AKR