It is always beneficial to gain insight into various cultures around the world. There are numerous unique and distinct cultures in each country. One such country is the Czech Republic, located in Central Europe and it’s capital is Prague. It is renowned for its intriguing history and rich cultural heritage. The nation known with countless historical towns and villages, with over 1,500 castles and 14 UNESCO-protected heritage sites, including fairy-tale castles and palaces.

This time, CIMSA UNEJ, in collaboration with FK UNEJ and Soebandi General Hospital, serves as the host for two exchange students from the Czech Republic. They are Lucie Nevřivová and Adina Večeřová, participants in the student exchange program from the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. Ms. Nevřivová is assigned to the Pediatrics department, while Ms. Večeřová is with the Internal Medicine department at Soebandi Hospital. They will undergo a 4-week professional medical education program here, including patient visits with mentors, scientific discussions, and case presentations at the end of their exchange period. This initiative would not have been possible without the guidance and support of our dedicated professors. We extend our gratitude to doctor Angga Mardro Raharjo, pulmonologist, and doctor Mohammad Ali Sodikin, pediatrician, who are the supervisors for these students.

A welcoming party for our incoming students was held on Monday, September 4, 2023, and was attended by Vice Dean for Student Affairs, doctor Yudha Nurdian, Master of Health,, CIMSA Advisor doctor Inke Kusumastuti, Master of Biomedicine, plpsychiatry, and Deputy Coordinator for Academic, Student Affairs, and Alumni,
Asnan, Bachelor of Laws. During this event, we had the opportunity to get acquainted, conducted upon arrival training, played games, and enjoyed a dinner together while introducing them to Indonesian cuisine.

Their arrival has been warmly received by Soebandi General Hospital, Jember. Furthermore, the Dean of FK UNEJ, doctor Ulfa Elfiah, Magister of Health, Specialist Consultant in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, expressed her hope that the students will not only excel in their studies here but also immerse themselves in the culture of Indonesia, particularly in Jember.