Agromedicine – The Faculty of Medicine, Univeritas Jember has been actively striving to improve its digital services by participating in a three-day digital service optimization training program from September 18 to 20, 2023. This event took place at the Agrotechnology Park of Jember Jubung University and was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. drg. Sri Hernawati, M.Kes, Vice Rector II for Finance and General Affairs.

During this training, FK UNEJ collaborated with various website managers from Jember University. The primary objective of this training was to introduce the latest strategies and techniques for enhancing digital services, making them more efficient and effective for all stakeholders who interact with the FK UNEJ website.

Over the course of these intensive three days, FK UNEJ participants gained an in-depth understanding of how to optimize the user experience on their website. By improving aspects such as display optimization, user-friendly navigation, and the delivery of relevant content, FK UNEJ aspired to provide a superior experience for students, lecturers, and the general public who access their website.

In her opening speech, Prof. Dr. drg. Sri Hernawati, M.Kes, underscored the importance of adapting to the changing digital landscape in this era. She emphasized that FK UNEJ must take a leading role in delivering high-quality services through digital platforms to meet the evolving demands of technologically sophisticated students and society.

Furthermore, this training offered FK UNEJ an opportunity to exchange experiences with other units within UNEJ. This collaborative environment and the exchange of ideas were expected to strengthen the digital transformation efforts across the university. The participants acquired knowledge about cloud management, server management panels for each department, user data analysis, and website optimization techniques. All of these elements aimed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the FK UNEJ website.

By actively participating in this training, FK UNEJ demonstrated its commitment to meeting the contemporary demands with cutting-edge digital services. FK UNEJ stands ready to continue innovating to provide better access and information to all stakeholders in the academic community and the general public.

As an ever-evolving academic institution, FK UNEJ’s engagement in this training represents a positive step toward modernization and improvement in digital service delivery. It is hoped that FK UNEJ can serve as an inspiring example in the management of digital services throughout Jember University. All parties are optimistic that following this training, FK UNEJ will be even better equipped to provide improved and responsive digital services for students, staff, and the public who rely on their website for information and interaction with the faculty.

Author: AKR