Agromedicine – The University of Jember (UNEJ) recently witnessed the presence of an extraordinary choir, namely FK UNEJ Gita Agromedika. This choir participated in enlivening the choir competition between work units in the university environment. FK UNEJ Gita Agromedika’s participation in the competition was highlighted because of their stunning vocal skills and dedication to the art of music.

FK UNEJ Gita Agromedika consists of education staff and lecturers as well as leaders of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember who have interests and talents in the field of music. They combine beautiful sounds with slick arrangements, resulting in outstanding performances. The team leader of FK UNEJ Gita Agromedika, dr. Ulfa Elfiah revealed that preparations for this competition were taken very seriously. They do regular exercises every day to sharpen their vocal skills and perfect harmony between choir members.

In this choir competition between UNEJ work units, FK UNEJ Gita Agromedika performed two songs, namely Indonesia Jaya and Horn Majeng which have been arranged very extraordinarily accompanied by beautiful choreos so that they are able to present unique and stunning interpretations and are able to captivate the audience and judges present.

The success of FK UNEJ Gita Agromedika cannot be separated from the cooperation and cohesiveness between choir members. In addition to vocal training, they also often hold singing exercises together and help each other to understand and interpret songs well. The passion and vibrancy they show during rehearsals and performances is also of the key factors for their success.

Author: AKR