Agromedicine – The Center for International Medical Students’ Activities (CIMSA Universitas Jember) has once again demonstrated its commitment to community welfare by hosting the second intervention of their sustainable project, Sustainable Project POKEMON. The event, titled “Program for Kids through Education and Management on Nutrition,” took place at SDN Karangrejo 05 Jember with the aim of providing valuable education to students in grades 4, 5, and 6 regarding “Clean & Healthy Living Behavior, specifically Maintaining Dental & Oral Health.”

This intervention is targeted at students in grades 4 to 6, a critical age range during which children are forming habits that can significantly impact their long-term health. The event’s focus on “Clean & Healthy Living Behavior, particularly Maintaining Dental & Oral Health,” emphasized the importance of maintaining proper dental and oral hygiene and adopting a clean and healthy lifestyle. Through interactive presentations, demonstrations, and engaging discussions, young participants were encouraged to take proactive steps in preserving their dental health. Using relatable daily life examples and conveying information in an easily understandable manner, the event helped students grasp the significance of daily dental care routines, correct brushing techniques, and the influence of food choices on dental health.

The event received an enthusiastic response, with active participation from both students and teachers. The school administration expressed their gratitude for this initiative, recognizing the importance of educational interventions like these in nurturing informed individuals. CIMSA UNEJ’s POKEMON Sustainable Project once again underscores their dedication to creating a positive impact on society. By addressing vital topics such as dental hygiene and overall cleanliness, they are contributing to a healthier generation and brighter smiles within the community. As UNEJ’s CIMSA continues to drive change through education and community engagement, their efforts serve as inspiration for other organizations to embark on similar initiatives, igniting a chain reaction of positive transformation for years to come.

Author: AKR