The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jember (FK UNEJ) recently conducted an induction ceremony for 23 new doctors, filled with enthusiasm and emotion. The ceremony occurred at the Agromedical Hall on Thursday, August 15, 2023, marking a historic moment for the graduates who have successfully completed their medical education. During the event, Dr. Ulfa Ulfiah, M.Kes., Sp.BP-RE., Subsp.L.B.L. (K), the dean of FK UNEJ, delivered a speech with immense pride. He spoke about the students’ enduring struggles throughout their years of medical education, which involved numerous challenges and diligent effort. Dr. Ulfa also emphasized the significance of professionalism, ethics, and dedication in the practice of medicine.

One of the most highly anticipated moments in this ceremony was the swearing-in of the new doctors. With unwavering confidence, the 23 graduates collectively took an oath, symbolizing their commitment to fulfill their duties as doctors with integrity and a profound sense of responsibility towards both patients and society. The event was attended by several distinguished guests, including Jember University leaders, Deans of Jember University, FK UNEJ professors, and the families of the graduates. This moment served not only as a celebration of the success of the new doctors but also as an expression of gratitude to all those who supported and encouraged them throughout their academic journey.

The graduates also shared their personal stories, recounting their experiences during their medical education. Some shared inspiring tales of how they overcame various obstacles and cultivated their passion for the medical field. Furthermore, they expressed their dedication to ongoing learning and their commitment to contributing to the advancement of the field of medicine. Following the oath-taking, the graduates donned sneli or doctor’s coats as a symbol of appreciation for their hard work and achievements. The event concluded with a group photo session and a banquet, providing an opportunity for graduates, lecturers, and invited guests to interact in a more informal setting.

With the addition of 23 new doctors, FK UNEJ has expanded its pool of qualified medical professionals prepared to contribute to the field of healthcare. These graduates are expected to serve as catalysts for positive change in the delivery of high-quality healthcare services to the community. Equipped with renewed enthusiasm and knowledge, these 23 new doctors are ready to embark on their professional journeys as dedicated medical practitioners. This swearing-in ceremony signifies a significant milestone in their path toward a distinguished career in medicine.