The Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Jember continues to strive to strengthen its position in the international arena. One of them is by carrying out international accreditation from ASIIN. The Accreditation Agency for Study Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN) is an international institution from Germany that accredits various disciplines, including medicine. Lasting for two days on February 14-15, 2023, at the Hall of Lt. III of the Rectorate of the University of Jember, a visit from the ASIIN Accreditation Team in order to undergo an assessment and visitation of international accreditation of the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Jember.

Also present was the Rector of the University of Jember as well as the opening of the ASIIN Accreditation event and a number of Structural Officials, Leaders of the University of Jember, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember and their Staffs, related institutions or leaders of supporting units between LP3M, LP2M, UPT TIK, UPM, Task Force Team, Lecturers, Alumni Students, and Stakeholders. Meanwhile, three assessors were present to evaluate: Prof. Holger Jentsch from the University Leipzig, Janna-Lina Kerth, MD., from the University Hospital Dusseldorf, and Natalia Vega from ASIIN.

The first day of the accreditation assessment and visitation process was held in the Hall of Lt. III of the Rectorate of the University of Jember, this event session was an internal discussion process. After the afternoon mistreatment the event continued at 14.00 with the agenda of a visit to the hospital. dr. Haryoto Lumajang which is a satellite hospital of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember. At 19.30 the event continued with a meeting with Students and Alumni at the Rectorate of Jember University.

On the second day (February 15, 2023) the event started by visiting the hospital. Dr. Soebandi Jember, which is the main Teaching Hospital for the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember, continued with a visit to the campus to see the facilities and infrastructure after that the ASIIN accreditation team returned to the Rectorate Hall to continue the last agenda, namely conducting meetings with teaching staff/lecturers, in this case, the discussion raised was about curriculum, teaching methods, qualifications and so on.

After each assessment and visitation process is passed, of course, every accreditation will expect improvement. When the assessor team conducts inspections and visitations, there are many things that need to be improved regarding various things. However, there are also many positive things that are conveyed after the accreditation team matches the material that has been collected with the existing conditions in the field.

Author: NWK