Agromedicine – Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Jember (FK UNEJ) achieved the second highest score in the results of the lecturer performance assessment questionnaire by students. The results of this questionnaire are clear evidence of FK UNEJ’s commitment to providing high-quality education to its students. FK UNEJ students gave a very positive assessment of the performance of FK UNEJ lecturers. In the questionnaire, FK UNEJ received a score of 6.58.

The success of FK UNEJ in achieving the second-highest score shows that this faculty is able to create a conducive academic environment for learning. Faculty of Medicine UNEJ lecturers show high dedication to helping students reach their best potential and provide an optimal learning experience. The innovative and interactive learning approach applied by FK UNEJ lecturers is one of the key factors for the success of this faculty. Creative teaching methods and actively involving students have facilitated the understanding and application of the concepts taught.

In addition, FK UNEJ also has an effective mentoring program. Each student receives personal assistance from a supervisor who helps them overcome learning difficulties and provides motivation and direction in achieving academic success.

FK UNEJ is committed to continuously improving the quality of teaching by providing training and professional development to lecturers. They also promise to continue listening to student feedback and feedback to improve and optimize the learning experience. We express our gratitude to students for their trust in FK UNEJ lecturers, together we maintain an Excellent Faculty of Medicine.

Author: AKR