Agromedicine – The Faculty of Medicine, Surabaya State University (FK UNESA) visited the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember (FK UNEJ) in an internship lecturer program which was held for 4 days (27-30/3/2023). This internship lecturer program is one of the preparations for the opening of FK at Unesa.

During the visit, FK Unesa lecturers involved in the internship program will be placed at FK Unej. The lecturers will have the opportunity to learn various things about FK management, both in academic and administrative terms.

This internship program aims to provide broader experience and knowledge about FK management. The lecturers of the Faculty of Medicine Unesa involved are expected to gain a better understanding of the differences between the Faculty of Medicine Unej and the Faculty of Medicine Unesa in terms of management and administration.

During the visit, lecturers of the Faculty of Medicine Unesa will also be invited to visit various facilities and laboratories at the Faculty of Medicine Unej. They will be able to see firsthand how FK Unej manages laboratories and other educational facilities.

This internship program itself is part of the preparation for the opening of FK at Unesa. The opening of FK in Unesa is a strategic step to meet Indonesia’s increasing need for medical personnel.

This internship program is expected to make a positive contribution to the Faculty of Medicine Unesa in improving the quality of medical education. It is also hoped that with this program, Faculty of Medicine Unesa lecturers can develop and improve their ability to manage the Faculty of Medicine.

Author: AKR