Agromedicine – FK UNEJ held a festive social service in Jenggawah Village as part of their 23rd Anniversary celebration. This series of social service events include health counseling, medical examinations, laboratory examinations, and consultations with specialists. Health counseling is one of the main activities in this social service. The keris group consisting of lecturers and students of FK UNEJ provided education to the people of Jenggawah Village about healthy lifestyles, the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, disease prevention measures, and drug use. People are also given information about diseases that are common in their area and how to overcome them.

In addition, this social service also provides free medical examinations to the people of Jenggawah Village. The medical team from FK UNEJ conducts general health checks such as blood pressure measurements, blood sugar level measurements, and other physical examinations. This provides an opportunity for people to know their health condition.

Furthermore, FK UNEJ in collaboration with SIMA Lab as a clinical examination laboratory in this activity also provides laboratory examinations as part of this social service. The people of Jenggawah Village can conduct laboratory tests to get more information about their health condition, such as blood tests or other necessary tests. The results of this examination will help in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

During the social service event, FK UNEJ also invited specialist doctors to provide medical consultations to the community. The public has the opportunity to consult with specialists in various fields, such as neurology, urology, eyes, and anesthesia. This consultation helps people get a further explanation about their health condition and appropriate treatment advice.

This social service is a form of FK UNEJ’s commitment to making a real contribution to society. Through this activity, FK UNEJ hopes to improve access to public health, provide proper education, and assist in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In his remarks, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine UNEJ expressed his appreciation to all parties involved in this social service. He also expressed his hope that this kind of activity can continue to be carried out in the future so that the people of Jenggawah Village and its surroundings can continue to benefit from the FK UNEJ social service program.

The participation of the people of Jenggawah Village in this social service is very high. They are enthusiastic to participate in counseling, medical examinations, laboratory examinations, and consultations with specialists. This spirit shows the success of FK UNEJ’s efforts in providing quality and relevant health services for the community. With this social service, FK UNEJ continues to show its commitment as an educational institution and community service. Hopefully, this activity can have a sustainable positive impact on the health and welfare of the people of Jenggawah Village and its surroundings.

Author: AKR