Agromedicine – Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember (FK UNEJ) held an interesting general studium in the celebration of the 23rd Anniversary. The event presented by Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Nellen, a leading molecular biologist from Germany, provides in-depth insights into gene surgery to students and medical personnel.

The general studium organized by FK UNEJ aims to introduce the latest concepts and advances in gene surgery to participants. Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Nellen describes the methods and potential applications of gene surgery in the treatment of genetic diseases and the development of living organisms.

The presence of Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Nellen at FK UNEJ received a very positive response from students and medical personnel. They are excited to learn more about the rapidly developing gene surgery technique and its revolutionary potential in biotechnology and genetics.

In the general study, Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Nellen also discusses ethical aspects related to the development and application of gene surgery. An intense discussion took place between Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Nellen and participants. In addition, FK UNEJ also held a question and answer session which provided an opportunity for participants to interact directly with Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Nellen. This provides valuable experience for participants to gain deeper insights and expand their knowledge in gene surgery.

This studium general activity is one of a series of events held by FK UNEJ in celebrating their 23rd anniversary. FK UNEJ is committed to continuing to provide quality education and research in the fields of biotechnology and genetics to students and medical personnel.

FK UNEJ students feel inspired by this studium general activity and look forward to applying the knowledge they gain in clinical practice in the future. They realized the great potential of gene surgery in helping to overcome genetic diseases that were difficult to treat before.

In his opening remarks, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine UNEJ expressed his high appreciation to Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Nellen for his contribution to the activities of this studium general. He hoped for collaboration between FK UNEJ and Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Nellen can continue to improve the understanding and development of gene surgery in Indonesia.

FK UNEJ hopes that through this studium general activity, students and medical personnel can continue to develop their knowledge and skills in the fields of biotechnology and genetics. They are committed to becoming a center of excellence in gene surgery education and research in Indonesia.

Author: AKR