Agromedicine – To mark National Children’s Day 2023, SCOPH (Standing Committee on Public Health) and SCOPE (Standing Committee on Professional Exchange) from CIMSA UNEJ (Center for Indonesian Medical Students’ Activities) joined forces to organize an event titled “MACARON: Manifesting Concern for Kids’ Health to Prevent Malnutrition.” This initiative aims to address and prevent the serious issue of malnutrition that persists in the Jember region. The activity took place at SD Al-Hidayah Jember and served as a tangible demonstration of their commitment to children’s health.

The event commenced with a series of activities designed to monitor the nutritional status of students at Al-Hidayah Elementary School. Members of SCOPH and SCOPE CIMSA UNEJ conducted anthropometric measurements on students to assess their nutritional well-being. This step is crucial for identifying children who may be experiencing nutritional challenges, whether it be malnutrition or obesity. Armed with the data collected from these measurements, the medical team can offer tailored guidance to enhance the nutritional health of the children.

Moreover, the event also included nutrition education and lessons on maintaining clean and healthy living behaviors (PHBS) for the students of SD Al-Hidayah. These educational sessions encompassed explanations about nutritious food, the importance of maintaining a balanced diet, and practices to ensure personal and environmental hygiene to prevent diseases. The education was delivered interactively and tailored to the children’s comprehension levels, ensuring that these messages are easily understood and applied in their daily lives.

Furthermore, the event featured various games and engaging activities to make learning about nutrition enjoyable for the children. These games were designed to impart knowledge about nutrition and health in a fun and engaging manner. By incorporating playful elements, the organizers aimed to make these critical messages about nutrition and health more accessible and relatable to the children.

Kuni Afroh, the event coordinator, expressed, “This MACARON activity is a concrete expression of our concern for the ongoing issue of malnutrition in Jember. Through this event, we hope to provide children with a better understanding and knowledge of the significance of maintaining good health and nutrition.”

The “MACARON: Manifesting Concern for Kids’ Health to Prevent Malnutrition” activity represents a substantial effort in supporting the government’s endeavors to combat malnutrition in Jember. By involving children and providing them with early-age education, the organizers aspire to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and reinforce effective prevention of nutritional problems in the future.

Author: AKR