UKM CIMSA Faculty of Medicine UNEJ has held a talk show titled “Increasing Vigilance Regarding Sexual Violence against Women” today, Sunday (12/3/2023). This event commemorated World Women’s Day, which falls on March 8.
This talk show was attended by students in the Jember University environment who were interested in knowing more about sexual violence against women. At this event, the speakers presented were Solehati Nofitasari, S. H, M.H from UPTD PPA DP3AKB, and Fitriyah Fajarwati, S. H from the Jember Women’s Care Movement.
The head of UKM CIMSA FK UNEJ, Herin Nazaha Ramadhani, said that the purpose of this talk show was to raise awareness about sexual violence against women, as well as provide information on how to prevent and overcome violence. In addition, this event also aims to provide moral support for victims of sexual violence.
During the talk show, the speaker invited participants to discuss several things related to sexual violence, such as the definition of sexual violence, types of sexual violence, and factors that influence the occurrence of sexual violence. This activity also presents a self-defense facilitator from the UNEJ White Pigeon UKM to provide a basis for self-defense in order to protect yourself.
This talk show is expected to provide great benefits for participants in understanding sexual violence against women and how to overcome this problem. UKM CIMSA FK UNEJ also plans to carry out similar activities in the future to continue to raise awareness of the issue of sexual violence against women.

Author: AKR