Agromedicine – In an effort to improve services to the academic community and the general public, the Faculty of Medicine UNEJ visited the Faculty of Law UNEJ. This visit aims to collaborate and introduce various technological innovations in services and uphold integrity, in order to achieve the status of the Faculty of ZI (Integrity Zone) WBK (Corruption-Free Area).

This visit was initiated by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine UNEJ, dr. Ulfa Elfiah, who was accompanied by a number of staff and lecturers. They were warmly received by the Dean of the Faculty of Law UNEJ, Prof. Dr. Bayu Dwi Anggono, S.H., M.H., along with lecturers and faculty staff. The meeting was held in the Conference Room of the Faculty of Law of UNEJ and took place in an intimate and vibrant atmosphere. In upholding integrity, FH UNEJ has implemented various anti-corruption policies and programs. Prof. Bayu Dwi Anggono conveyed his experiences and strategies that have been successfully implemented in FH UNEJ, such as the use of technology to minimize potential corruption, the implementation of strict supervision, and the implementation of a strict code of ethics for all staff and lecturers.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law UNEJ also expressed his hope to establish close cooperation with FK UNEJ in developing technological innovations that benefit students, lecturers, and the community. The exchange of experience and knowledge is expected to enrich both parties in advancing education and service. With this visit, it is hoped that the Faculty of Medicine UNEJ can adopt and implement technological innovations and integrity principles that have been successfully applied by FH UNEJ. Through close collaboration between faculties, it is hoped that services to the academic community and the general public in the university environment will be more optimal and can have a significant positive impact.

Author: AKR