Agromedicine – The Quality Assurance Group of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember (FK UNEJ) held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) for the preparation of quality documents for Internal Quality Assurance Standards (SPMI). This activity was carried out for two consecutive days and involved various related parties in an effort to improve the quality of education and services at FK UNEJ. FGD is one of the methods used to collect various inputs, ideas, and perspectives from various parties involved in the process of preparing quality documents. This event was attended by faculty leaders and the faculty quality assessment group team.

In the FGD, participants actively discussed and shared their experiences and views regarding the development and implementation of Internal Quality Assurance Standards at FK UNEJ. Topics covered include aspects of education, curriculum, facilities, teaching, research, and community service. In addition, the discussion also involves efforts to improve quality and relevant evaluation methods. This activity is expected to produce SPMI quality documents that are in accordance with the needs and challenges faced by FK UNEJ. The quality document will be a reference in improving the quality of education and services, as well as ensuring compliance with national and international standards.

After the FGD is completed, the SPMI quality document drafting team will explore and analyze the results of the discussions that have been carried out. These results will be used as the basis for compiling a comprehensive quality document that is relevant to the context of FK UNEJ. Furthermore, the document will be disseminated to the entire academic community of FK UNEJ and used as a guide in an effort to improve the quality of education and services in the future. FK UNEJ continues to be committed to providing high-quality medical education that is relevant to the latest developments in the health sector. Through comprehensive quality assurance efforts and active participation from all relevant parties, it is hoped that FK UNEJ can continue to produce graduates who are able to contribute significantly in the world of medicine and provide the best health services for the community.