Agromedicine – Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Jember (FK UNEJ) has achieved brilliant achievements by being internationally accredited by ASIIN (Accreditation Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics). This accreditation is clear evidence of the quality of higher education at FK UNEJ that has met international standards. The accreditation of FK UNEJ by ASIIN is a milestone that proves the university’s commitment to improving the quality of medical education. This accreditation process involves a comprehensive assessment of the curriculum, facilities, lecturers, and various other aspects related to the implementation of medical education at FK UNEJ.

The international accreditation process by ASIIN involves a very rigorous assessment. The ASIIN assessment team visited the FK UNEJ campus, evaluating all aspects related to curriculum, teaching staff, facilities, quality assurance systems, and collaboration with institutions that had been implemented several months ago. This process ensures that FK UNEJ has met the international quality standards set by ASIIN. The success of FK UNEJ in achieving ASIIN international accreditation is not only an achievement for this faculty but also for Indonesia. This shows that medical education in Indonesia is able to compete and be recognized globally. The more medical faculties in Indonesia are internationally accredited, the more it improves the image and competitiveness of the country’s higher education.

It is hoped that with the accreditation of FK UNEJ by ASIIN, there will be more opportunities for international cooperation that can be established. FK UNEJ students will benefit greatly from student exchange programs, joint research, and internship opportunities abroad. It will provide valuable experience and a global perspective that will enrich their knowledge and skills. FK UNEJ which has been internationally accredited will also attract prospective students both from within and outside the country. Internationally recognized quality standards will be a special attraction for those who want to pursue a career in medicine. It will also enhance the reputation of the university as a whole.

In an effort to maintain and improve the quality of medical education, FK UNEJ is committed to continuing to update and develop. They will continue to innovate in curriculum delivery, expand cooperation with international medical institutions, and improve the quality of human resources. FK UNEJ hopes that this achievement will be an inspiration for other higher education institutions to follow in the footsteps of producing high-quality graduates who are ready to compete at the global level. With the accreditation of FK UNEJ by ASIIN, FK UNEJ has shown its commitment to providing high-quality medical education.

Author: AKR